LIVE (and free) WEBINAR EVENT: Wednesday, July 19th
Live: A step-by-step system for sourcing books online (in your pajamas)
The Holy Grail of book sourcing?
A system to find cheap books on Amazon, and resell them back on Amazon for a profit (with no tools and no experience).
* Free BUT very limited seating - limited to 500 people

Wednesday, July 19th

@ 6:00PM PST, 9:00PM PST

Only 500 Spots

Very limited webinar

Peter Valley

Originator of "online book arbitrage"
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
The secret book arbitrage formula
How the biggest source of books to resell isn't a library book sale - its Amazon.
A step-by-step system
A quick system for making $1,000 a month... from your computer.
Exactly how to find book gold
How to search Amazon for book arbitrage gold.

More of what we're going to cover...
  • Advanced search hacks - Take book arbitrage to the next level.
  •  The top 7 ways to make money - These are the Top 7 things I've learned doing this for over a year.
  •  How to spot profitable books - Exactly what clues to look for (there are 6 of them).
  •  Examining Amazon's "Advanced Search" feature - How to utilize this for maximum profits. 
  • How to choose quality search terms - And which ones to avoid.    
  • The 3 tools of online book arbitrage - These are all FREE, and will greatly streamline the process.    
  • How I Figured All This Stuff Out - The history of "online book arbitrage."   
  • A "live" search  (let's hope I don't embarrass myself)   
  • Why books are uniquely suited for online arbitrage - We're not choosing books at random. There's a science to this.   
  • The only two ways you can screw this up - Avoid these two things, and you can't lose.   
  • Tons of Q&A
  • And So Much More...
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